Sticky Situation | Hina

Tina had just barely finished her history test as class was dismissed. She handed in her test and now had to make it all the way across campus to her vocal class. She scooped up her things and rushed out the door. She was rushing down campus trying to shove her books in her bag without spilling her coffee. God dammit, I really have too much stuff. Why isn’t anything working for me today. “Ugggh” Tina moaned to herself.

I really just hate history. This is history’s fault. Tina was getting really frustrated, really fast. She was about a second away from throwing everything on the ground and just hiding in her dorm the rest of the day. Then she stumbled over her own feet and her stuff went crashing to the ground. Her coffee splattered all over her pants, but somehow managed to avoid getting on her school stuff. In defeat, Tina sat down on the ground and held back tears.

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